A caring resource for senior citizen aging 

In-home care


There comes a point in life at which living independently is no longer sustainable. In order to make the transition to managed care as easy as possible, Candlelight Compassions, LLC Home Health Care is here to provide a comfortable, supportive home health resource. Staffed by healthcare professionals providing multiple levels of care, we are able to offer a wonderful opportunity for you or your loved ones.
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Around the clock assistance

When you or a senior member of your family requires assistance, we are here to help. We are able to provide around the clock medical care, including family counseling, medication administration, transportation, and conversation. With a comprehensive experience customized to your unique needs, we can make sure you get the compassionate support you deserve. 
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Three tiers of care


The aging process is different for everyone, and all seniors require varying levels of care. That's why we offer three tiers, ranging from conversation to total care. With flexibility depending on your needs, we can ensure you have the help and support necessary to live independently as long as possible. From medication to wound care, there's nothing we can't do. 
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